Mastering Revit Macros with C#

Learn practical programming skills to automate Revit using C#. | taught by Michael Kilkelly
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Mastering Revit Macros with C# is a comprehensive course on that teaches you how to write your own Revit macros. During the course, you'll learn how to automate Revit by coding your own time-saving macros using the C# programming language. Tedious tasks that once took you hours can now be accomplished in minutes with a little programming know-how and some lines of code. Here are the course details:

  • Each lesson covers the essentials of coding a specific, real-world macro.
  • At the end of each lesson, you'll have a practice exercise to test your skills.
  • Students will have access to a private online forum to ask questions and discuss the lessons.
  • The cost of the course is $347 USD (or 3 installments of $125).

Each week's lesson will focus on creating a particular real-world macro.

Michael Kilkelly
Michael Kilkelly
Senior Instructor and Founder of ArchSmarter

About the instructor

Hi there! I'm Michael Kilkelly. I founded ArchSmarter 2014 as a way to help other architects become more productive and get the best results out of their design software. I’m a native New Englander. I live and work in Middletown, CT. Prior to starting ArchSmarter, I was an Associate at Gehry Partners in Los Angeles. I also worked for a number of design firms in the Boston area. I received my B.Arch from Norwich University and an SMArchS from MIT

Course Contents

59 Videos
1 Text
5 PDFs
8.0 hrs

Course Curriculum